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It's in!

I mailed some Alaska pictures to Uncle Dennis, Aunt Terri, and Cynda today. While at the post office, I bought another sheet of Robert Penn Warren stamps.

I did a final edit on Amelia's updated paper.

Taking a late lunch, I walked for 30 minutes around the lake at the rec center. I was getting a little warm, so after the first three laps (each lap is .5 miles), I walked around in the shady areas, which consisted of part of the parking lot and part of the grassy area where the picnic tables are.

If anyone was watching, I'm sure they were puzzled at my "path." I followed the "shadow of the shade" which jutted out here and there depending on the size of the tree providing the shade.

When I got home from work, there was a message on my answering machine from Zack at The Apple Store. "Mr. Martin, your replacement iPod is in."

I grabbed two small pizzas from my freezer, and headed to Joe's for dinner, and to import some of his CDs onto my laptop to later download to my iPod. I learned something new: The information that iTunes gathers about a CD doesn't always come from the CD itself.

We watched the first round of the 2005 College Tournament, which was filmed here in Raleigh. I attended the taping of the last two days, which will air next Thursday (11/17) and Friday (11/18). Yes, I know who wins.

We had pizza, popcorn, and chocolate while I was there. Oh yeah, and Joe had a couple of brewskis, and I had two Wild Turkey and Diet Rite Colas.

Back at home, I imported the rest of the CDs, where I could hook up to the Internet to get the information about the songs on the CD to complete the entries in iTunes.

While doing this, I was IMed by my ex-wife's brother's son, who is studying journalism at UNC. Here is the conversation we had:

Blockoman: hey uncle john, it's joey. we were just reviewing some back issues of the N&O in a journalism class today when i saw the picture of you and (your boyfriend?) on the front page of the life section, i believe it was. allow me to give you a late congratulations on that. it's very brave. i applaud you for your decision to be in that article.
nematome why thank you, joey.
nematome would you believe that pic and subject just keeps coming up
nematome and i've written several letters to the editor in response to things other people have brought up about it
nematome it's been an interesting "ride"
Blockoman: really? hmm... didn't realize that it's such a hot-button issue in NC. then again, i am basking in the glow of liberalism at this college... it tends to make me forget i'm in the bible belt
nematome ha! good for YOU!
nematome yes, they (the editor of the life section) ended up putting a follow up article about that pic in the following sunday's paper
nematome because they had lots of people write in to say they were canceling their subscriptions, etc.
Blockoman: jesus... that's not cool... i wish people weren't so damned closed minded
nematome did you guys have a lesson about journalism around it, or did you just see it in passing?
Blockoman: just saw it in passing
Blockoman: we were talking about recent controversial issues and that was one of the slides
Blockoman: he used it in a larger context w/ the whole gay marriage amendment bush was proposing
nematome cool.
nematome i have lots about it in my blog ... over the course of four days Oct 21-24, 2004. http://www.livejournal.com/users/dailyafirmation/2004/10/21/
nematome look at this pic someone sent me on the monday following it being in the paper: http://www.livejournal.com/users/dailyafirmation/2004/10/25/
Blockoman: HAHAHAHA
Blockoman: that's awesome
nematome hehehehehe
Blockoman: i think i might save that one, it's great
nematome thanks for letting me know the article is still getting "play"
nematome feel free to share it with your professor
Blockoman: hahaha i will, though i think he's a closet conservative.
Blockoman: poor guy
Blockoman: LOL
Blockoman: alright, well i've gotta get back to work transcribing interview stuff
Blockoman: take it easy uncle john
nematome ok.. thanks for checking in. nice to hear from you! you take care, too, joey
nematome or do you go by joe now?
Blockoman: haha either
Blockoman: i even go by edward sometimes when i don't feel like correcting people
nematome okay. take it easy.
Blockoman signed off at 11:06:38 PM.

It is so endearing that he still calls me Uncle John.


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Nov. 8th, 2005 10:38 pm (UTC)
"Mr. Martin, your replacement iPod is in."

You neglected the part where you did a happy dance.

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