DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A reprieve. I'm so excited...

Joe and I went to The Apple Store at Southpoint Mall. What a cool store!

You had to register on a Mac (of course!) to get in the queue to have someone at the "Genius Bar" help you with your problem, which I did.

While waiting, they started one of their complimentary iPod/iTunes Workshops, which totally engaged me. It answered a couple of questions I'd had while using it last week, and I made a note to return for the class when I could pay better attention to it.

"Zack" called my name eventually, and I explained what had happened to my iPod. After bringing up my warranty registration, which fortunately I had created upon receipt of my iPod, and clicking all kinds of things I couldn't see, he said, "I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Since you've only had the thing for four days, and I see no physical evidence of damage, I'm going to give you a one-time replacement of the entire unit."

I had to keep from doing cartwheels, which honestly wasn't that hard, since I can't physically do any. But I was ecstatic.

"Unfortunately, we are out of stock of this model at the moment, but we'll have some in by Tuesday or Wednesday, and we'll give you a call."

This made me so happy. Life is good.

Joe and I ate at California Pizza Kitchen, al fresco.

We had the Spinach Artichoke Dip with tortillas for an appetizer, and then split two pizzas - a BLT one, and a Thai Chicken one. Out of this world.

I can't ever go to the "Forks in the Road" section of this mall without thinking about Flash Mobs.

After that, we stopped at the Barnes & Noble there, and had Starbucks coffee, after waiting way too long in a line that moved like molasses.

The "light" coffee selection for today was Sumatra, which is what we each had. I had a "tall" (which in reality is the shortest), and Joe had the "grande."

While drinking our coffee, we perused the CD section of the store, where Joe ended up buying a 20-song remix CD that will nicely accommodate his workouts, and I bought Lucia Micarelli's (click on her name and listen to that piece!) CD Music From a Farther Room.

When Joe and I saw Josh Groban in concert last year (my ticket was a Christmas gift from Joe), Lucia was the principal violinist, and she was phenomenal. Josh thought so much of her, that he produced this, her first, album.

I can't wait to hear this CD on my iPod.

I edited a paper of Amelia's about metaphor as a stylistic vehicle to clarify concepts in scientific writing.

Joe and I met at Flex at around 9:00 for Karaoke. We had some - four or five - fun games of pool, for which I was "on" again.

After that, we ate peanuts while we drank and bitched about the same old same old.

We left at right around 11:00.

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