DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

New ski equipment...

Today's visually intriguing site: Think You're a Good Pumpkin Carver?

Today's humor clip: Interview With An Honest Boss

After seeing the checks clear that I used to pay the first statements, I canceled two of the five credit cards I applied for to get my free iPod.

Today, I put a check in the mail to pay for the first (which, will also be the only) statement of one of the three remaining cards.

I expect to see the first, and only, statements of the last two cards in the mail today or tomorrow.

Since I'm an ESFJ (who like closure), and I no longer have a working iPod to show for my trouble, I'm anxious to have them all closed out.

Book club met for lunch today. Suzanne had finished the book!

I've recently picked it back up and did find the chapter I'm currently reading somewhat interesting. It reiterates Covey's notion of subordinating a desire to a value, the idea of which appeals to me.

I left work close to 7PM tonight, and stopped by Alpine Ski Center on the way home.

I bought a ski package consisting of K2 Omni 5.5 skis with bindings, Salomon Performa 5 boots, and Scott Series 2 poles on summer clearance. This was something I planned to buy last year with my bonus, but never did.

They'll be ready next week, and I'll use them for the first time in mid-December, when I'm going to Lake Tahoe for a few days.

While I was in the area, I stopped at Best Buy to check out the iPods. The only model they had in stock was the new one that stores and plays videos, in which I'm not at all interested.

They're supposed to get some more of the other models in on Thursday. "Those things are going like hotcakes," the salesperson said. Evidently.

I met Joe at Flex for Tuesday night Karaoke. Let's just say it was Daycare and Lesbian Night there, and leave it at that.

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