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I got up around 10:00. We watched the Christmas parade from Disney. Michael and Meagan arrived at around 12:30. We had our big dinner at around 2:00. Pork BBQ was the main dish, and it was great.

After dinner Meagan had called Lisa, upset, Meagan handed me the phone saying her mom wanted to talk to me. She explained that my mom had asked Meagan if she wanted to bring "her dad" some BBQ, and it had upset her. She proceeded to tell me about all the damaging things my brother has done to her, and asked me if I could somehow tell my mom to stop asking Meagan to bring stuff by her dad's, and to stop suggesting that she go by there and talk to him about the wedding, etc., because he says cruel things to her like "you are not my daughter," and "my children are dead." She said, "I hate to ask you this, and I'm not trying to ruin your Christmas, I just have to watch out for Meagan."

All understood, and justified. I will have to have a difficult chat with mom. Not today, though.

I left Jacksonville just after 3:30, and checked in with Robert on the road using my new cell phone car battery charger. I also tried to reach Steve, but with no luck.

I checked back in with Robert at around 5:15 when I arrived back in Raleigh. He came over. I gave him his card and his gift, which he genuinely seemed to like. We MMMMMMMMMMMMMed, and then had leftover BBQ for dinner. He left at around 9 or 9:30.

I read some of Auntie Mame.

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