DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Christmas Eve...

I left Raleigh at around 9:45, after printing off three more Christmas letters. Stopped by the post office and mailed them to Doris, Debbie, and Joye.

The ride to Jacksonville was uneventful. I arrived just after 12:00, and Vivian and Jeff were already there. Unusual that they beat me home. Vivian and Mom had just left to run to the Winn Dixie to pick up last minutes odds and ends foodstuff.

They returned after about an hour, and we had lunch. Sandwiches, chips, dips, etc. more than anyone could ever want.

Me, mom, and dad played Catch Phrase against Vivian, Jeff, and Michael. It was lots of fun. Lisa and Doug dropped by and we opened our gifts from them and they opened our gifts to them. Soon after they left as they were having Doug's kids over for a Christmas celebration. Michael stayed with us.

Meagan and Chris arrived at around 3:00, and after they ate we opened all our gifts. Got to love our family being a Christmas Eve family.

It was a nice Christmas. Me, mom, and Dad went to midnight mass. I never remember until I get to that church in Jacksonville, the pleasant surprise of so many hot men (Marines) that are usually in attendance. Is that so wrong? At the end of the mass, it got totally quiet in the church, and an old man, dressed in full Santa Claus regalia, walked up the middle aisle, and set down a wrapped Christmas gift on the altar. Nice touch.

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