DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Final DVD order, and a new line dance name...

It was my DVDs, and not my iPod. This is my final order before canceling, since I only joined to qualify for the iPod. It came as a partial order.

Crash The Complete History of the Philadelphia Eagles Control Room Dial M for Murder

This one, Grand Ecole, is back-ordered, and when filled, will complete my obligation to Columbia House. I will cancel the account as soon as it, or my iPod arrives, whichever comes last.

Lest anyone think I am a closet heterosexual, The Complete History of the Philadelphia Eagles will be a Christmas present for my ex-father-in-law.

After picking up my package at the Lake Dam Road post office, I stopped at Food Lion, where one of the items I purchased for dinner was T.G.I.Friday's Wings.

At home, I made some celery, cheese, and sliced green olives appetizers, and then took a quick nap until Robert returned from his visit with Stephanie at Whole Foods.

Ever the thoughtful man, he had made up a salad for us at the Whole Foods salad bar. It was delicious. He made some great choices.

After dinner, we worked on the crossword puzzle from this week's Independent for a while. Actually Robert had already made a good start on it, and I joined in. It was hard. And so was the puzzle. [Ba-dump bump. We're here all week folks.]

I received an e-mail today from snapfish.com with a credit for that CD I bought from them.

I'm not done with them, though. They gave me a credit to have another CD made, which isn't gonna get it.

I'm going to open a dispute on my credit card for a "cash" refund.

Dancing was a lot of fun tonight. Darryl's (of Darryl and Aaron) mother was there, and she loved our dancing.

Carl reviewed the dance he taught last week, and had found the name of it on the web - Stampede. I'm glad to know it, and updated it on my list of known dances.

We split a bagel when we got home, and did a little more of the crossword puzzle, which was still a bitch of a puzzle.

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