DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Customer (dis)service...

This is a little long, but the "talent" gets more talented as the clip goes on. Visually intriguing.

Book club met for lunch today. We were expecting everyone but Mary, but Janet canceled at the last minute due to an expired something on her car. Mary was hosting her team leader, who's in town this week.

Sharon could only stay about 20 minutes, but as always, it was good to have time together.

Suzanne and I exchanged all kinds of wonderful customer service stories, which included stories about Verizon, snapfish.com, SunCom, and a rug cleaning machine rental place.

She told me a doozy about paying Christopher's tuition using an equal payment service, in the course of which I was reminded of the parking deck incident on Sunday in Asheville. I shared that with her when she was done.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention the totally ditzy waitress in Boone. Another fabulous example of customer service gone bad.

OMG. The story in this blog entry is hysterical. The meat of the matter starts in the 4th paragraph.

Today I received one of those notices that I have a package at the post office. I want it to be my iPod, but deep down, I'm pretty sure it's my DVDs.

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