DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Tempting fate...

This morning, I pushed the freight elevator button on the first floor, and the door opened about two inches, and then just stuck. I thanked [insert deity of choice here] that I was on the outside.

In spite of the now somewhat infamous elevator incident, I tempted fate by taking this same elevator up to the second floor after lunch.

Pressed button. Door opened. Pressed "2." Door closed. Slight hum. Second floor light illuminated. Door opened. Exited. Life is good.

I ran to the post office today and mailed a bunch of stuff, including thank-you notes, an anniversary card, and a package to my sister. There was actually no line at the RTP Post Office on Alexander drive.

After lunch, I installed the Information Development Workbench on the laptop of a writer new to our organization.

I sent out that overdue note asking for input on rescheduling my bi-weekly Process Improvement and Effectiveness Meetings.

I recorded my OOTO voice mail message, and activated my OOTO e-mail function.

I did a load of laundry, and packed for mine and Robert's weekend trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway, starting at mile post 217.5, Cumberland Knob.

I've been alerted to two "must do" things this weekend:
  • A meteor shower.

    The Orionid meteor shower peaks on October 21st. These meteors are notoriously fast (66km/sec), sometimes bright, and often leave a trail. The radiant in Orion's club rises about 9:30pm but, unfortunately, a 78% illuminated waxing gibbous moon will ruin the shower this year. Hmmm. Doesn't sound too promising.

  • Dinner at Doc Chey's.

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