DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

My birthday celebration continues...

I want to find a head of lettuce at half the size and half the price, so that a family of one has a chance of eating half again of it before it rots.

I was in a meeting today with two people who irritate the shit out of each other, neither seemingly cognizant of the fact that they do so for the exact same reason, and it's the same reason they both irritate the shit out of everyone else. That's a lot of shit.

I need to think about getting a new phone. The quality of the speaker phone on this phone of mine is rapidly deteriorating.

I received permission from Dr. St. Amant today to enroll in CSC 554, and Ginny, the Computer Science Graduate Program administrative assistant, enrolled me. I am now going to drop ENG 511, and sign up for PA 640.

PA 640, Grantwriting, is listed as a "restricted" class, but the system let me register for it anyway, which I find a little disconcerting. But it does show up in my registration record, so I'm going with it.

My dear friends Steve and Joe treated me to a belated birthday dinner at Irregardless tonight, which was very sweet and generous, since they'd both already gotten me a gift. Joe had given me his last week, and Steve gave me his there: an hour massage gift certificate!

The four of us split two appetizers: hummus and bruschetta. Yum!

We had a waitress with a synthetic accent. She was from Maryland, but sounded like she was from, well, Synthia, I suppose.

I had Spinach Manicotti. Robert had a risotto dish. Steve had Potato-baked Salmon, and Joe had a veggie-noodle dish. We all had a salad with Lemon Tahini dressing, and some fresh baked bread.

For dessert, we all split one slice of Chocolate Banana Cream Pie, which arrived with one candle burning on it, and four forks. It was on the fantastic side.

Robert and I ran home for a bio break, and to change, then headed to Flex.

Joe and Steve stopped by for a while, and, as usual, I felt like I slighted them having to frequent the fan.

The night started off pretty dead, but by the end, the crowd had really picked up. As usual, I had a blast dancing, and particularly enjoyed two waltzes with Robert, even though we cut the second one a little short.

We learned a new dance tonight, of which no one knows the name. That gets on my nerves. How am I supposed to update my list of known dances, if I don't know the names of the dances? But I digress, which I haven't done for a while.

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