DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Walks, doggies, and a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

I got up at 11:00.

Donna called at about 11:30 to set up our walk time for 1:00.

She arrived a little after 1:00, and I hopped in, as she drove us to Lake Johnson, with Sophie and Pete in tow. They are Silky Terriers, and they look like this:

When Donna and I were married, we had a Silky (and Misty, a mutt), and the Silky's name was Sophie. To that end, Donna often refers to this one as "Sophie 2."

Misty and Sophie are both gone now, and I miss them. This is the only scanned picture I have of them. It's not great quality, and they were out in the cold. Misty is on the left, Sophie on the right.

Misty was the sweetest dog in the world -- as mutts often will be.

We walked two miles of the three-mile path around Lake Johnson with Sophie and Pete, and other than often getting tangled up with each other, or around Donna and me, it was a fairly uneventful walk -- that is, if you don't consider having to carry Sophie most of the last mile an event. She's a little "pudgsicle." Bless her heart.

Oh yeah, and when we started, Pete took a crap - not in the acres of woods around us, but in the middle of the asphalt path. Donna batted it away with a fallen tree limb.

One more thing and the walk would have become eventful.

It was a beautiful, beautiful day out today, and I opened the windows in my house to enjoy the cool breeze.

I met Joe at CiCi's for dinner, which was delicious, as always.

I took an hour-and-a-half nap from about 5:30 until 7:00.

I met Joe at Flex at a little after nine. Brian (brianrdu) arrived a little while after, and he introduced us to a fellow LJer, named Nate (ncnate). Kevin (av8rdude) arrived later yet, and bought me some birthday drinks. Thanks!

A typical Sunday night. Oh, yeah, Tula Box played a long, but funny song on her ukulele. Twice. Once to open the evening, and then again later on, when a good portion of the crowd had "turned over" (but had not yet played dead).

Oh, oh yeah, another somewhat eventful thing: A young couple (two guys of course) had brought their mother to Drag Karaoke. As far as I saw, they managed to keep her away from the glass case full of cock rings for sale.

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