DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas...

Got up at 8 this morning, put a hat over my matted head, and rode over to Will's. I followed him to Precision Auto over on New Bern Avenue to drop of his Suzuki. I'm not saying the place looked questionable, but the pit bull out front was a little daunting.

Will tried to "dress down" so they wouldn't think he had a lot of money and charge him more. I said, "Perhaps, you shouldn't have worn the jacket with the Polo emblem on it." He said, while flipping the jacket out, "Well, I was going to take it off, but..." and revealing the shirt underneath with the big red Polo logo on it as well. "I just don't have any poor clothes." LOL

We stopped at Finch's on the way back and had breakfast. I pulled about a two inch long stiff black hair out of my omelet before I ate it. When Will was just about done with his meal, I said, "Well at least I saw the hair in my meal.

After dropping him off, I stopped by the post office at Avent Ferry and Gorman and mailed Steve and Ken's package. $7.50. Not bad. There were no lines.

I took a two-hour nap mid-day. Just as I drifted off, Will radioed me asking me if I could be at his place at 4:30 to go pick up his car. Turns out it was not he wanted, a $550 new clutch job. It should be ready by 5:00.

Just as I was getting ready to leave Will called to say that his car was not going to be ready after all. Fortunately he has access to a car (Chris is loaning him) for a few days, so he's not stranded for Christmas.

I went to the Factory Card Outlet and bought a Christmas card for mom and dad, two money-envelope-cards for Meagan and Michael, and more of the opalescent printer paper.

I ran to the credit union to get two 50-dollar-bills for Michael and Meagan's money cards. I also stopped at the Radio Shack at Stonehenge while I was out that way and bought myself a car charger for my phone with mom and dad's Christmas money. She'll be so pleased she "bought just the right one!"

Leaving there, I called Steve to see if he needed anything last minute for the chili and soup meal he was preparing. I told him I was on my way, and he said he had everything he needed.

When I arrived, Phil, Sylvia, Spencer, and Steve's mom were there. Hugs all around. Nice people. Sylvia is loving that, "I've gained weight. Ask me how." line. I've got to remember to bring the refrigerator magnet that Courtney made over to Steve's house the next time I know she's going to be there.

After a while Hayden, Deborah (Debra?), Kimberly and Michelle arrived in the RV. Seems Hayden drove up on the curb of a bridge on the way over.

After a while Sue and Billy arrived, and when he shook Steve's hand he said, "How ya durin." Lahwd! Later, Brian and Carol arrived. My God that boy is hot. Beautiful arms, and chest hair just a spilling out from under that shirt. Not that I noticed or anything.

On the way home, I stopped at the Borders at the corners of Six Forks and Wake Forest, and bought Lisa and Doug's gift -- a wedding planner and a nice leather bookmark to go with it.

At home, I made two "vouchers" for mom and dad's presents, wrapped them, and a book for Jay, which is a change from what I told him I was getting him. I decided to give the candy I was going to give him to Jeanie-baby when I find out where she is (either DC or Houston).

I printed off three more Christmas letters, which I'm sending to Joye, Doris, and Debbie.

Got a sweet e-mail from Robert right before retiring. Love that man.

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