DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

To Do, well mostly Not To Do...

I had an aggressive day planned, with my "To Do List" including:
  • Write my blog entries from the notes I took while on vacation

  • Make the Alaskan pictures photo CD for Vivian

  • Fill out that financial form for Nathan

  • Get my tires rotated

  • Finish that Blog article for STC

  • Write that letter to Steve

  • Go to the grocery store
I got as far as the first item.

I got to Flex at around 8:00. As I was entering, Robert F. was leaving. Rick E. was still there, and I spoke with him for a while. He was not at dancing on Wednesday either.

Joe and Brandon arrived at a little after 9:00. Brian arrived later.

Miss Boxx was in a tizzy. She had walked by both Rick and I earlier, we had each made comments to her, and she had totally ignored us. This is out of character for her.

Turns out she was running behind, had no help, and had gone through a week of hell with roommate drama. It had something to do with his roommate and the roommate's crack addict boyfriend breaking the restraining order they had obtained to keep him from coming to their apartment.

Her outfit was a little tragic tonight. She had on house slippers, a housecoat, and this big, white, combination cotton and netting looking thing on her head. She looked like a big old Q-Tip, or more accurately, a Q-Tip with a cotton ball on the tip.

It was announced that there was a "wedding shower" going on tonight. It seems that Julie and I-can't-remember-the-other-girl's-name, have decided to get hitched -- they are moving to Canada where they will be legally wed.

This is the same Julie that Brian was trying to set up his friend Jean with just a few short weeks ago. The same Julie whose thong in the crack of her ass is always on display when she sits down.

After asking Robbie and the guy he was playing pool with if we could have the table when they finished their current game, we played several games ourselves.

Steve J. came and watched us for a while, and we chatted a little.

At about 10:00, I realized that not having dinner was not working with the amount of liquor I'd consumed, so Joe and I walked over to Snoopy's, where I got a Turkey Club sandwich. It was on bread, not in a soft tortilla, and not wrapped.

When we got back, Steve was gone.

I left there right at about midnight, as did Joe and Brandon.

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