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Robert came over just after noon, and shortly after that we left to have lunch at CiCi's in Cary. It was Robert's first time there, and he really liked it. I, of course, was a repeat customer, and loved it again.

We did a 30-minute walk inside the Cary Towne Center Mall.

We passed Adam a couple of times at one of the two Sunglass Huts in the mall. He had some 5:00 shadow facial hair thing going on that added extra cuteness to his already gorgeous self. If you followed that Sunglass Hut link, that is not Adam.

We went to the 2:20 showing of JuneBug. I really liked this movie a lot, but was surprised to find myself liking Proof, from last night, better.

I was introduced to Alessandro Nivola, of whom there was a killer shot of on top of his wife making love. If you followed that link, that picture is of him, but it's not from that scene in Junebug. In fact, it's not from Junebug at all.

We stopped at Costcutters and both got our haircut. Robert liked his. I hated mine. The lady who is afraid she can get AIDS from inhaling cut hair from HIV+ men cut my hair. Not only don't I like the way she thinks, I now don't like the way she cuts my hair.

Dancing at Flex was fun tonight, and it really filled up in there quickly with Bear Night going on around us.

At around 11:30, Brigner stopped us to have a singer named Wess perform a few songs, by saying, "We're going to have Wess come out and sing some songs for you real quick."

He overheard me say, "Real quick, I hope," and then made some comment into the microphone about "the queens" here making catty remarks. It wasn't that exactly. The point is, he, once again, showed his lack of business sense in understanding what a customer is or means to a business.

Perhaps the singer, at the end of the night, told him that one of "those queens" gave him a twenty-dollar tip. Asshole.

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