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A clip of an AIM conversation I had with Robert today...

shushaker13: Well, finishing up lunch here, and yammering with mom, too. I have to say, between the time before we fell asleep and driving to Durham today, I had such a feeling of "all is right with the world." Very peaceful and fulfilled. You did that to me, John, and I thank you! Just "smelling the roses," and wanted to share. I love you.

nematome: that is TOO TOO sweet. THANK YOU for what you bring to my life and for CHERing so deeply.

nematome: and for the record, i don't take credit for "doing anything to you"... i'll take some credit as a catalyst to letting you see that in yourself.

shushaker13: It is definitely MY pleasure. Have a fabulous day, my sweet man. Catch you on the flip side. Smooches galore.

nematome: i told you early on in our relationship that you have had some poor mirrors in which to look over the years, and that i hoped to be a more accurate one.

shushaker13: awww...hun!

nematome: :-) :-) :-)

shushaker13: :-)

nematome: i love you. ciao niao.

shushaker13: likewise...byeeee!

We had our monthly EAGLE luncheon today, and I was the host. Yesterday, I had the communication coordinator send out this note:

John Martin would like to remind you about lunch this Thursday at Brigs. John has a personal goal to make this a record-breaking lunch gathering. His dream attendance would include a G, an L, a B, and a T. Also, a Q (questioning), an I (intersex) and an H (heterosexual) would be cool, too. :-) Heck, the whole alphabet is welcome!

At our last two lunches, there was only one RSVP by a woman. The first time she made it, and was the only woman there. The second time, she didn't make it -- perhaps because she was the only one the previous time?

We'd love to see new faces (and bodies to go with them) of all varieties. Join us if you can!

Please help John achieve his goals. Here are the details if you have not yet RSVP'd:

Brigs on Thursday September 29th from 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM. More information about Brigs is available here.

We are meeting at the Durham Brigs, which is located in the Research Triangle Park area off of I-40 Exit 278, one block east of NC-54 at Park West Crossing. Feel free to bring along a friend too.

I met my goal in that we had the largest group we've had in a long, long time. (We usually have 5-7 folks, the same 5-7 folks.) We even had two lesbians join us. Oh, check that, one is actually bi and she is currently seeing a man.

Our waitress was excellent for our party of 13. I told her so with my tip, and by telling the manager on the way out.

Tonight was the STC Social at

Sammy's Tap & Grill

When I first arrived at just after 7:30, there were only three people there: Landra, Jessica (or was it Jennifer?), and her husband Ed. Landra couldn't stay long so had already ordered food. I believe Ed and Jessica just had drinks.

I ordered nachos (with chicken instead of chili), because the chili had beans in it. Hate them.

Sarah stopped by, but just to say hello as she had other commitments, and couldn't stay more than a minute. She rubbed her tummy, and said, "I shouldn't be in here because of the smoke, anyway." The first I've heard of her pregnancy.

Next arrived Stephen and Kim, whom I liked right away. They ended up on my team for trivia. Poor folks.

The fun reached a frenzy with the arrival of Will and Amy, then Milton, E-Ching, and Courtney.

It was great to see Courtney -- it's been too long. I'm not going to say anything else about Milton, but that he's a beautiful man. Whew.

David, you were missed.

We had some good conversation when the speakers above our tables were not blaring purported music.

Before I ordered my fourth bourbon and Diet Coke, I asked, "How much are these things anyway?"

"$2.50," she replied.

"Oh yes, definitely another one, then."

When it arrived, it was in a plastic (instead of glass) cup like the previous ones. And it was at least twice the size of the glass cup. "I accidentally made you a double," she said as she put it down. I suffered through it.

Eventually, we joined in the bar-wide electronic trivia game.

We broke into two teams, and our first challenge was in dividing up our name, which does have some history down at Sammy's: We B M. (As in IBM, only several of us.) Truthfully, the only history associated with it is that the first time we used it, the emcee thought it stood for "we bowel movement."

We couldn't use WEBM1 and WEBM2, because you weren't able to use numbers in the names.

I ended up putting in WEBEEM, and told Will to put in WEBEEN. At first he keyed in WEBEN, and I said, "No, E - N, like I'm using "em" so you're using "en." He ended up keying in WEBEIN. And THEN went on to first place in the bar, so WEBEIN was flashed on every monitor in the place.

Congratulations, Will and Amy. [Insert best insincere smile here.]

WEBEEM on the other hand, well let's just say that our biggest challenge was staying at least one point ahead of the team named TAINT, and we barely did that. TAINT: that area between your balls and your butt hole -- 'tain't balls, 'tain't butt -- it's the taint.

Sometimes, during sex, I like to have my taint... But I digress.

We were able to manage it thanks to Jessica, who excelled at keying in the answer as soon as they gave it to you. You still got points if you keyed it in after they showed it, more points the sooner you did.

There was a time at which you no longer got points, like if you keyed it in after the next question was on the screen. Go us.

We had a fun 15 minutes or so where those of us in the program talked about several of the people who are also in the program, but who weren't present to defend themselves. All I can say is, "Thank god I was there."

Closing out my tab at a little after 10:00, I once again noticed that little discrepancy in my bill. Things that make you go, "Hmmm."

OH! I forgot! In the course of the evening, Will, Amy, and Courtney told me that they have four tickets to the Jeopardy! taping on Sunday, and asked me if I wanted to be the fourth. I can't wait to hate Alex Trebek in person.

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