DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

You know you're old when... OR, you're never too old to learn something new...

You know you're old when...

...you spend 20 minutes on the phone with your mother (when you've probably never in your life been on one with her before for longer than 5 minutes), talking about your respective colonoscopies. I had mine on Sept 22nd, she had hers this morning.

In the spirit of sharing deeply, I printed off my blog entries of that day, and the day before, the "prep day" if you will, and mailed them to her.

Her results were normal, too.

I learned something new today...

...about the very neighborhood I've lived in for about 5 years, and have owned my property in since 1986.

On the way home from work, when taking a short cut I sometimes take to avoid a light, I thought as I looked right before turning left where I always do, "When I walk tonight, I'm going to walk down that way to see what it's like back there."

I did that, and was amazed to find "country living" right there, "inside the beltline," and just off Western Blvd. The lots got much bigger, heavily wooded, and the road even became unpaved at one point. Who knew?

I also was surprised to find that the area looped back to Kaplan road, making a very nice little 30-minute walk for me without having to drive down to Lake Johnson.

And then, a bonus discovery, I noticed after several years of passing it, that Kentwood Park -- first of all that it's called Kentwood Park, and second of all, that it has four lighted tennis courts! Free lighting.

With this find, there's absolutely no need to drive down to State or Pullen Park to play. Coolio.

We had an "All Hands Meeting" today, to which body parts of all kinds showed up. It was run out of Austin, and several of us were in a conference room here at RTP to participate.

The "slides" were supposed to be projected "on the big screen," but we arrived to the room to find the projector on the blink.

So, we dialed in, and watched the slide show on a few laptops, which a few people had brought to the meeting.

The second page of "the pitch" contained a list of about 10 folks who were getting awards upon the recent completion of a project. As the names were shown and our second line manager was talking about them on the phone, someone in the room goes, "Is that thing on mute?" indicating the telephone from which we were listening to the presentation.


"I can't believe that [person's name intentionally omitted] didn't get an award for that. He did all of the work on that release."

Nobody said anything. In other words the response was appropriate to an inappropriate comment for a public forum.

After the aforementioned walk, I snuck in an hour nap, and then left for Flex just before 10:00. Joe finally arrived at 10:35, and Kevin even later than that. But I'm not bitter.

When I first got there, it was dreadful, and I once again found myself thinking, "Tell me again why I'm here?"

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