DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

"I'm not sure I understand what the point IS, Dr. Eve..."

I spent some time messing with my Rhapsody subscription today. I can see that it's not really going to "work," for me, and will definitely be canceling my Trial 14-Day Subscription on or before the 30th.

I met Joe for coffee tonight at Helios at 7:30.

Leaving my house, I did a "spider check," of course. The one by the light was gone, and I peaked around the corner towards Kathryn's house.

Uh-oh. Up high, there was a huge web stretching from the side of my townhouse over to Kathryn's house. Even higher up, there was another one, with another big spider in it.

I rang Kathryn's doorbell, all the while keeping my eye on the arachnids.

"You're just in time for supper," she said when she answered the door.

"Look," I said, pointing up.

"Oh my god," she countered.

"And up there, higher," I pointed.

"That's right by my bedroom window!" she cried. "Oh look, there's another one," she said pointing over to the side of my house, down low, about chest-high.

Then she continued, "I was going to kill the one I saw the other day, but then I noticed it had gang markings on it. I also thought it was 'packing one.'" This killed me. Always a good laugh with her.

"That one up there by the window that TJ cut through, that one's close enough for me to lean out and spray it with something."

I started to walk away and said, "Well, enjoy your dinner."

I got to that ridiculously long light at the intersection of Ashe and Hillsborough.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed what I think were bats, circling and dive-bombing above the building to the left.

I was enjoying watching them so much that I'd actually wished the light would've stayed red longer.

At Helios, we ran into Steve J. He had to have electricity and work on a website, so he didn't join us outside. Joe and I enjoyed the pleasant weather, and "caught up."

We got to Flex, probably at 8:30. A pool table never became available.

I hung out with Joe, Doug, the other Joe and his boyfriend, Phil, Brian (brianrdu) and Kevin (av8rdude).

Joe sang, "At This Moment."

This gorgeous straight guy was there: thick hair, full beard, and the hairest arms. He made a point out of making sure everyone knew that the little waif of a thing sitting next to him was his wife.

Shortly after that, while sitting on a stool, he pulled a guy, who seemed to be there with both of them, up against himself, between his spread legs -- so that they were "butts to nuts" -- as it were. His wife stayed on her own stool, just to the right of them.

Things that make you go, "Huh?"

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