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The Millionaire Next Door...

I've accepted a free trial (14 days) membership to Simply Audiobooks. Yesterday, I received my first two books.

The first one is The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley and Danko. The unabridged version is 7 CDs, and I received the first 4 of them. I'm not sure why the other 3 didn't come, but think perhaps when I mail these four back, they will.

The second one I got was Comfort From a Quilt by Reba McEntire. It consists of 3 CDs.

I've listened to The Millionaire Next Door and, not surprising to me, exhibit almost all of the characteristics profiled. Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmmm."

The concept I like the most in this book is the one that millionaires avoid the "big hat, no cattle" mindset that most people have. The media loves "big hat, no cattle" types, because people love to hear about them. (e.g., lottery winners, movie stars, sports figures, game show winners, etc.)

The vast, vast majority of millionaires are frugal; they do not spend money on things that make them "look" rich, such as big houses, expensive cars, clothes, and jewelry.

People who have a million-dollar income, but spend $800,000 a year are not "wealthy." They have "the big hat." But if you ask them what kind of assets they have, the answer is "practically none" -- or, in other words, "no cattle."

People who make any amount of money, but live way below their means are the ones who can save and invest -- buy cattle.

I walked to the post office on Avent Ferry road today, and as I walked away from dropping my mail into the mailbox, a young couple in a Mercedes parked right in front of me and got out. They looked to be somewhere in their early 30s.

I resisted the urge to stand taut, spread my legs a little in a firm stance, stick my thumbs in my front pants pockets, throw my head toward the Mercedes, and say, "Big hat." And then to them, "Got any cattle?"

While it's easier to pick on other people, this book did make me think about two things:
  1. I came very close to buying a Mercedes Benz when I bought the Camry I currently have. Why? Close call.
  2. Am I planning this Trip Around the World for my 50th birthday for the right reason?

The Check Engine light on my car is back on. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Okay, I call the Jiffy Lube on Western Blvd to see if the guy is there today who has the gizmo to read the codes.

They answer, "Jiffy Lube, Western Blvd."

"Hi. Is Sam there today?"


"Yeah, the guy who has the gadget than can read the code associated with my Check Engine Light."

"Oh, no. Sam's on vacation right now."

"Well, is there anyone else there that can read the code?"

"What kind of car do you have?"

"A 2001 Toyota Camry."

He presumably moves the phone away from his mouth, and I hear him yelling into the bay, "Anyone know how to turn off the Check Engine Light in a 2001 Camry?"

He comes back on the line, and says, "My technician says to disconnect the negative charge to your battery for 10 seconds, and then reconnect it. That will make the light go off."

I did one of those moves where you take the phone away from your ear and stare at it. I'm just speechless.

Realizing my silence, and perhaps sensing my disbelief, he continues, "That's what one of my technicians here says, so try that, and if doesn't work, give us a call back."

"Uh, okay. When will Sam be back, on Monday?"

"Yeah. No, Tuesday. He'll be back on Tuesday."

"Okay, thanks." Click.

How 'bout I just take an ice pick and jab it into the light in my dashboard and destroy the bulb???

Robert and I made some plans to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway during the weekend of October 21 - 23. This is something we've both been wanting to do, but neither of us has.

That spider is back, with a huge web, right in front of my entrance light to the right of my front door.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this yesterday: about that thoughtful man of mine? He also put my sun shield in my window, because he knew my car was going to sit there all day and bake.

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