DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

CiCi's and Flex...

We got up at 10:30, and checked out by noon. There was a $50 charge-per-night on my bill that shouldn't have been there, since I stayed on Starwood points. I took care of that upon checkout.

We stopped for gas about halfway back to the airport, where we found gas for $2.79 a gallon, and were excited about it. We hardly used the car, and around 3 gallons, $11.50 worth filled the tank.

By the time we returned the car, and checked in, we received "C" vouchers for seating, which meant we'd be sitting in middle seats for the hour flight home. And we each did.

There was an Asian guy, a kid, maybe 22-25, to my right, and he slept the whole way.

The man to my left was a little strange. Before we took off, he accidentally bumped my arm slightly as he bent over to get his carry-on under the seat in front of him. "Excuse me for what I hope will be a minimum number of times I bother you on the flight." He never bumped me again.

Mary Lou's bag came out first, and we said our good-byes. Ours followed shortly afterwards, and all three of us ended up at the waiting station for the "Lot 3 Purple" bus, which came after a little bit of a wait.

I met Joe for dinner at CiCi's at 4:30, where we both ate plenty, but didn't get stuffed. I ended with a slice of dessert pizza that I thought had a maple topping on it, but as last time, found out when I bit into it that it wasn't maple, and it wasn't all that. I've got to remember that for next time.

Back home, I napped for an hour or so, and then met Joe at Flex at 8:00. It was not very crowded at first, which we sort of anticipated with it being "Emmy Night."

Patrick hosted Drag Karaoke, and she was all primped up in her black and white dress. Nice chest hair sticking out the top in the front, and back hair showing in the rear. She's a trip.

A bald-headed guy seemed to be working Joe all night long, but he wasn't interested. He didn't like his personality.

I left at around 11:30.

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