DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Interviewing to get the job done...

I received my pro-rated refund from N.C. State today. Glad that's taken care of.

I attended the STC seminar called "Interviewing to Get the Job Done," presented by Ronnie J. Duncan, President of TimelyText(TM), Inc. I liked how he stressed the "relationship" side of interviewing, and his assertion that people make decisions emotionally, and then justify them with logic. This really rings true to me.

It was good to see some of the folks I haven't seen for a while from the MS in TC program there tonight. I didn't realize that Dr. Dicks was going to make it a requirement of one of the classes he's teaching this semester to attend the seminar. It made for a good crowd.

I give Will the Alaskan children's book I bought for Amelia, after asking him if he'd see her in class tomorrow night.

There was a relatively light crowd at dancing tonight, both in terms of dancers and bar patrons. Carl's lesson was on the Tahoe Shuffle. I don't particularly like doing that dance to Gretchen Wilson's All Jacked Up. It's too fast. Doing it to her Red Neck Woman song was fast enough.

Michael brought pictures of his trip to Yellowstone last week -- already bound in an album, complete with captions. Nicely done.

I drank too many drinks too early in the evening.

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