DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

STC Picnic and Kings and Queens, mostly queens...

I went into the office today, and had a fairly productive day. Yay!

I left work and went to the Annual STC Carolina Picnic and Membership Drive (Thursday, September 8th, 5:30 to Sunset, rain or shine), which was held under the White Oak shelter of Lake Crabtree County Park.

There were a lot fewer people there than I expected, I would guestimate about 20. I'm quite certain that the woman who sat across from me at the picnic table was transgendered.

I accomplished a little bit of networking, but only after one of the current year's STC officers asked me some questions. I never initiate a conversation at these type functions. Some extrovert I am.

I left there at 7, stopped by the house to pick up my bowling ball, and headed to Capital Lanes. The Kings & Queens league is starting up tonight, and I thought I'd go and see if anyone needed a substitute bowler.

I thought they started bowling at 7:30, but it was their organizational meeting that started at 7:30, with the league bowling starting at 8:30.

While they were having their meeting down in the meeting room, I sat at a table, flipping through a notebook that contained flyers about all of the leagues currently forming. One of them was particularly compelling from a technical writing point of view.

For one thing the headline on the flyer said, "Start's Sunday Sept 4th." Can't quite understand how start can own Sunday.

The other thing about this communique was that they were desperately trying to clarify what night the league was on, but were so not successful. It said something like, "Start time: 12:30AM Sunday (Monday) Night."

Okay, I'm pretty sure that the league bowled at 12:30AM on Monday, September 5th, but I guess they were trying to tell the people that you need to come there Sunday night, so were calling it "a Sunday night league," which, technically, of course, it wasn't.

My point is that there's only one 12:30AM per day, and even if you're going to the bowling alley on Sunday night, you will still be bowling at 12:30AM Monday.

Bless their mess. And I digress...

So, as it turned out no one needed/wanted a sub, so I left at about 20 minutes after they started bowling.

Tomorrow we leave for the rodeo in DC. They are expecting close to 2000 cowboys at the Stampede Jamboree Dance on Friday night and the Harvest Moon Ball on Saturday night. Woohoo!

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