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Love the shirt. Perhaps he's saying to this lady, "You think you've got it bad? Recently I talked to a lady with a double-whammy!"

A couple of things that happened in the last week or so that I've been meaning to note here:
  • At dancing last Saturday, I got the kind of comment about my dancing that is most affirming to me: "You have been dancing all your life, haven't you? By that I mean, you look so comfortable doing it, like it just comes naturally to you."

  • In some story on NPR, they mentioned the price of a gallon of gas in Iraq. Guess what it is.
    $.05 (Yes, that's five cents.)

I met with Dr. Dicks to end the limbo that I'm in with regards to this semester. He explained to me what should happen in terms of dropping my only class, and we discussed "Plan B" should it not.

I left there feeling good about where I am, and intending to get right back into it for the Spring '06 semester. The closure feels good to this ESFJ.

I finished We Are All The Same today, and cried at the end. I also did a google search on Nkosi Johnson and followed some of the results.

I particularly liked this NPR interview with Jim Wooten, the author.

On the way back from my meeting with Dr. Dicks, I stopped at the Pearl Chinese Restaurant on Avent Ferry to pick up two egg rolls, and some egg drop soup to go with my leftover Shanghai Express meal from yesterday.

I wasn't impressed with the service there. There was only one woman behind the counter, and she wasn't very friendly or welcoming. She came out after taking my order and sat at a table in the general seating area and ate her dinner while watching CNN.

Three guys came in, and she didn't get up to go back behind the counter until they looked like they were ready to order.

Even though all I wanted was some egg drop soup and two egg rolls, I had to wait for the two full orders ahead of me to be filled first.

On top of all that, I burped up that egg roll the entire night, and egg rolls don't usually bother me. They had done something to the cabbage in it, I think, as it was red in color.

Bottom line, I won't be returning there for Chinese Food. Shanghai Express is light-years better than that place.

I tried to help Robert with his math homework, but I wasn't very successful. It's a good thing I'm not a teacher. I can't teach line dancing either. Though, I don't have an undergraduate degree in line dancing.

Dancing was fairly festive tonight. Ryan was there flailing about; he must have been a cheerleader at some time in his life. He loves to have his elbows up in the air too much of the time, and makes claps go where no claps have gone before.

Adam reported that his bike was stolen at State today. Awwwww, hun.

Steve J. made an appearance this evening. I always feel bad when I don't stay and chat with "visitors," but I absolutely must stay in front of the fan to cool off between songs.

I loved my waltz with Robert, and the slow dance we did near the end of the evening.

I sang-shouted Harper Valley PTA when Adam played it at the end of the night.

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