DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A 20-mile jaunt on the chrome pony...

I loved sleeping in today. Luxurious.

Online, I purchased tickets to two Braves' Games later in September for mom and dad and ordered a refill of my BP prescription.

It was good to hear that dad's willing and/or interested in doing more traveling after Alaska. I'm surprised.

I rode my bicycle 20-miles today, 10 laps around Shelly Lake.

I really like riding on the foot / bicycle path around this lake. There is only one hill that is really bad, and it's very short. It's a good ride to just get some endurance-type exercise, without killing yourself.

The pedestrian traffic wasn't too bad today, but it always amazes me how some people still don't get it when I give them ample warning of my approach with, "Coming up on your left."

I passed this one family of about six people, and every damn time, they were taking up the entire pathway, and when I gave my warning seemed confused about which way to move to get out of my way. Hello! This is the fourth time I've passed you, and I always come up on the left side like I say. WHAT'S NOT TO UNDERSTAND?"

I met Joe for dinner at Baja Burrito, and then we went to Helios for coffee.

Steve and I booked four nights, checking in October 4th and checking out October 8th, at the Chelsea Pines Inn.

I did three loads of laundry tonight, and caught up my blog. Hope to finish We Are All The Same tonight, too.

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