DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The double-whammy...

I, along with half my department I believe, including my manager, worked from home today. That's what gas at $3.29 a gallon will do.

After work, I rode over to the Post Office on Avent Ferry, and mailed Will's "Congratulations on your new home" card.

I rode out to the Credit Union off Harrison Avenue in Cary, and in the parking lot, had an NPR "Driveway Moment." Ira Glass's This American Life was on, and the theme today, was "Not What I Signed Up For."

The first story was about a woman who lost her husband in 9/11, and he died on their anniversary. In the course of the story, she meets President Bush, and when introducing herself says, "Hi, I'm so-and-so, and I lost my husband in 9/11, a year ago tomorrow, and it was also our wedding anniversary."

His response, "Wow, you got the double-whammy."

What a complete fucking idiotic response. She couldn't believe it.

I deposited the checks from mom and dad, and Vivian, for their cruise bills. Vivian had enclosed this note with her check:

Just in case you do not know, you are a wonderful, fantastic brother and a great friend, too!

I love you!

P.S. My bag arrived, in tact, at about 10:00PM last night (Monday).

I withdrew a $100 in cash.

I tried to check out the city bike route that I've seen a sign for on Chapel Hill Road right by Joe's house, but after turning at the one sign that points it out, I found no other signs before coming to a dead-end. That irritated me.

The city route by my house is very clearly marked at every turn, as they all should be. I pay taxes, don't I?

I stayed in tonight, and read a good chunk of We Are All The Same.

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