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Games Night...

Finished up the last couple of letters, and wrote out 40 cards to folks not receiving the letter! I feel very good when this is done each year, but really do need to get started a little earlier on the project. I am especially pleased about the beautiful printer paper in spite of its cost.

I went to the post office at about 2:00. The letters ended up weighing between 1.5 and 1.75 ounces, and I knew I needed to add a 23-cent stamp to each of them. The line was amazingly short. I got the postage for Michael and Nick's card to London ($.80), and 26 23-cent stamps. I posted those, mailed the letters and the 40 cards. Whew! All done! Feels good!

I stopped at Hardee's to get a quick lunch before having to be at Jay's at 2:45. He called me at about 2:20, and said, "Come at 3:00 instead. I'm behind."

I got there at 3:00, and he still hadn't even packed. He gave me my Christmas gift, a book called, "Bless Your Heart, Tramp!", which is absolutely hysterical. I know because I had time to read four chapter while he finished packing and getting ready to go. We left at about 3:40, and arrived at the airport close to 4:00. He told me to "drive aggressively" (first time I've heard that, it's usually quite the opposite), and got a little stressed out (read: bitchy) as we approached the airport exit and there was a line waiting to get off the exit ramp. We got him there on time.

On the way to the airport, I had called Triangle Vision Center to see if the optician was still there, at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon. She'd said somebody'd be there until 6:00, so I drove by there. I had my glasses adjusted, as they were quite crooked still, from when I sat on them on my bed in Paris. The sides were almost bent straight down, and I remember bending them back up very slowly praying they wouldn't snap. Got that all taken care of, and that boy there is sexy, to boot.

I got back home around 5:00, and Robert arrived around 6:00. We had broiled balogna and jack cheese on a bagel with some reduced fat Ruffles chips. I'm such a good cook. Bless my mess!

Games night was lots of fun. We opened at 7, and by the time it got to be 7:20, and no one had yet arrived it occurred to me that it must start at 7:30. Just after 7:30, Jamie arrived, and me, Robert, and him started a gay of "Chicago." Counter-intuitively, it took longer to play with three people than more. Makes sense, though, as you have less people to play off of. The both seemed to enjoy it a lot.

I brought my new electronic Catch Phrase game, and the table that played it seemed to really enjoy it. They played it forever. Me, Robert, and Jamie played a game of Dominoes after Chicago, and then a game of Scrabble after that. Robert won both the Dominoes and Scrabble game. I believe Jamie won Chicago.

We had to wait for the one table to finish up after 11:15. I called Steve to tell him that we wouldn't be meeting him "out" tonight, as I'd only had 3 hours sleep last night -- printing those letters and I was beat.

Robert and I went home at about 11:30, and... MMMMMMMMMMMM!

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