DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Hump day...

Today's morning was again in attendance at the ISO audit. The team did quite well, and again, it was a very rewarding work experience.

I attended the EAGLE lunch at Rudinos in RTP. I had the Buffalo Chicken Salad: Buffalo seasoned strips of chicken on a bed of lettuce, tomato,onions,green peppers, mushrooms and cheddar cheese... $5.45. I'd never had this before, and it was delicious.

Let's see, who else was in attendance: Jon, Falz, Frank, Jay, Mike, Paul, and Dave. Two people who had RSVPed did not show: Cynthia and David. Of course, Cynthia may have seen that it was all men and left, and none of us have ever met (or heard of) David, so he may have taken one look at the group, and said, "Forget that." :-)

Robert arrived at the house between 6:00 and 6:30, while I was still attending a 6:00 - 7:00 conference call broadcasting from Austin. The actual presentation of the meeting ended at 6:30, and when they opened it up for Q&As, I dropped off the line. I think a lot of people ask questions just to have their name announced to the director.

Shortly after that we left the house and stopped at the shopping center at Avent Ferry and Gorman, where I got a haircut, and Robert shopped for batteries in the Dollar Store next door.

Bridget cut my hair -- 6 on the top, 4 on the sides -- and she was a hoot as usual. Good cut.

We used coupons and ate at A&W. We got some hotdogs, some fries and split a root beer. We each had a Root Beer Float for dessert.

Flex was absolutely dead when we arrived close to 9:00. Eventually a good number of dancers arrived, and even later, the place finally got some patrons other than dancers. Tony was the bartender tonight, and as usual, fun.

We did a couple of rounds of shots in honor of Rob's 21st birthday last week. We did one round of "Royal Flushes," which were supposed to be Blow Jobs (a.ka. Cowboy Cums, Buttery Nipples, or Tan Nipples, amongst others I'm sure), but they had run out of the necessary ingredients for them. The second round of shots consisted of Goldschlagers.

Adam, along with Carl, taught a very difficult line dance, which a few people got through during the lesson, but to which we all fell apart while trying to do it "up to tempo" with its song. It will have to go back on the lesson agenda for next time.

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