DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Rewarding work...

My morning was consumed with the participation in Michelle's and Greg's project's ISO audit, which went from 8:30 until noon. This was a very rewarding meeting to me in terms of job satisfaction.

There were many instances during the audit in which the auditor noted something good the team had done that were things I suggested they do or had pointed out to them in our audit preparation meetings over the past couple of months.

The satisfiers involved feeling that I'd helped, that the work I'm doing adds value, and, probably best of all, that my relationship with the team was strengthened.

In the afternoon, I completed my required annual Individual Development Plan update, did some QMX support work by obsoleting several documents for an author, and upgraded my laptop with the latest required security patches.

In the evening, I completed two more vacation blog entries, and devised Sunday's entry.

I checked in with Vivian and mom and dad, and told them the amount of the balance of their charging sprees on the boat. :-) They let all of it go to my credit card, so that I could get frequent flyer points for it. They're sending me checks for their portions.

I received my Verizon bill electronically, which informed me that the current amount due was: -$249.56. (That's a $249.56 credit.)

As this bill is automatically billed to my credit card each month (for frequent flyer points, of course), I checked my payment history in my Verizon account online, where I noted a very generous $369 payment by check to my account. Unfortunately, it wasn't any check of mine.

I called Verizon customer service to get them started on straightening it out.

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