DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

My teeth are so clean I could eat off them...

I started off my day at the dentist's office for my semi-annual teeth-cleaning and check-up.

I have a history of good dental hygiene, and with the introduction of my Sonicare toothbrush since my previous visit, everything looked fine. To put it another way, the visit was

I really like my hygienist, Leigh Ann. She has a great memory, and is always asking me about my last, or next, trip. She, herself, is going on a "bachelorette outing" in South Beach next February. Perhaps she should consider this hotel, which is billed as follows:

Sanctuary is South Beach’s first "female-friendly" hotel, with an ongoing 25-percent discount for single women guests, and featuring:
  • Cabaña boys at the rooftop pool to apply suntan lotion.
  • Beach jogging and yoga companions available at any time.
  • A chic in-house salon and spa for beauty and pampering.
  • Personal shoppers and a comprehensive shopping guide.
  • A specially designed, calorie-conscious spa menu.

Hell, what am I thinking, I should be considering this place.

I spent most of my work day prepping for tomorrow's ISO Audit Prep Meeting with Michelle's and Greg's team.

The traffic on I-40E on the way home was simply horrendous. Robert was about a mile behind me in the fray. He soothed my mood by calling my attention to a beautiful rainbow in the distance. I found the pot of gold on Halliwell Drive.

We had "appetizers" of bread and butter, and some "loaded" potato salad. Just some teasers before the California Pizza Kitchen Thai Chicken Pizza.

Carbs anyone?

was a lot of fun tonight. Early in the evening, I think we had more dancers there than patrons in the bar. Eventually, a decent crowd appeared.

Mike of "Mike & Andy" of Ft. Lauderdale was in town, and stopped by to dance with us. He did pretty good remembering the dances. I guess it's like being on a horse... ride 'em cowboy.

Van and Adam were back, in full swing, though Van had a terrible sore throat, but looked good in his stubble/beard. IMHO. I had two wonderful waltzes with Robert.

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