DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Knock, knock...

I dropped Courtney off at the airport this morning. She's flying Southwest to DC.

Stopped by Sam's on the way home from work and bought three more albums. Finished putting the rest of the three sets of P-Town pics in them. Took them to Will's.

Will's party was fun! In attendance: Art D., Steve M., Chris & Sam, Brian (totally sexy!) & his lawyer girlfriend, Joe C., two guys who came right before I left that I didn't get their names.

We had some good drinks (Coke & Crown), and two pizzas from Lily's came -- "Dante's Inferno" and a Pepperoni & Sausage. I overate on Tostito's & Salsa before the pizza arrived.

Will opened his presents -- mostly books. I got him P-Town, the book.

I left at about 8:40 to go dancing. Dancing was a blast. Adam did his usual pestering of me to two-step with me. We danced especially horrible together tonight. As usual, I had a blast. (I did have a terribly upset stomach during the night, though, and twice had to use the bathroom in that bar in a way I'd rather have not had to. 'Nuff said.)

I got home and brought up my computer to check my mail. At about 11:30 my door bell rang. I thought, "Oh god, please let it be Robert and no one else." I checked the peephole and squealed with delight.

He had just come by for a hug! How sweet is THAT man! We had had a long, difficult conversation on the phone earlier in the evening, while I was driving home from work, in Sam's, and then on the way to my house from Sam's. He's really trying to work a lot of things out in his life.

Our hug was so... mmmmmm... I asked him to please stay the night. We hugged tight in bed... we mmmmmmm... fell asleep. I woke up in about an hour... and we mmmmm... 6:00 came early.

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