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20 miles...

We slept in a little this morning, and had coffee and cereal for breakfast. I have got to get some more coffee. I'm down to drinking my flavored coffee, which I'm not a big fan of for morning coffee.

I spent way too much time messing with briefcase.yahoo.com today, as I've purchased some "premium storage space" to hold the graphic files I point to from my blog. It's not working properly. That's why the pics in this blog entry are not displaying. I ended up writing to "customer care." Let's see if anybody does.

I rode 20 miles today, 4 trips around the 5-mile loop. After about 12 miles, I made a "pit stop," and rested on one of the benches in the

J.C. Raulston Arboretum

I leaned my bike against the bench, and lied down on it, even though there were tiny little ants crawling around on the bench. I took about a 10-minute break, wondered if Joe was getting some riding in this weekend in Pennsylvania, and thought about the pit stops that will be available on the ride next Saturday, especially the part in green below.

BikeFest 2005: The 10th Annual Rural Heritage Tour

Experience the bucolic scenery of farm life as you pedal through gently rolling terrain.  Join the Carolina Tarwheels Bicycle Club for BikeFest 2005: The 10th Annual Rural Heritage Tour, Saturday, August 13, 2005.

The Tour begins at the Superior Courthouse in downtown Hillsborough, and offers a choice of several rides: a 20-mile ride, a 31-mile half metric, a 62-mile metric century, and a 100-mile English century.

This is a fully-supported ride with rest stops, refreshments, and restrooms. Routes are clearly marked and patrolled by SAG vehicles.

The Tarwheels take pride in the volunteers who contribute time, energy, and the Tour's hallmark homemade cookies and baked goods. They have made the Rural Heritage Tour one of the most enjoyable bicycling events in North Carolina.

In order to maintain the superior quality of BikeFest, maintain our reputation for putting on the best one day ride in the state, and allow ample parking for our participants, we are again limiting the number of registrants for Bikefest to 1000 riders. Bikefest will again be pre-registration only with a cutoff date of July 15th. There will be no on-site registration.

I was going to ride a full 30 miles today, but just as I finished mile 20, it started to rain. Since I was right by my house, I pedaled home. I feel comfortable about being able to do 10 more miles, so felt okay about stopping.

I showered and went to for dinner. I had the Broiled Stuffed Flounder. Delicious.

On the way to Helios, I got a call from Brian (brianrdu) making sure I was going to tonight. I was really planning on bagging it, but he reminded me that he was "setting up his two Lesbian friends tonight," so I told him I'd meet him in an hour or so.

At Helios, I had a cup of coffee -- that delicious New Guinea light roast -- and devised yesterday's blog entry. Outside at a table sat, among a couple of other guys, Mark Z., Chris S., and Cecil. Mark was pretty toasted, which is not an unusual state for him lately, at least when I've seen him.

Flex turned out to be pretty fun. Doug and I played a game of pool against Stu and Shane, and had a big lead, which we blew in the end. Next, I played a game with Julie (one of the matchmaker candidates). After that, I played a game with Jeanne (the other candidate).

After that, I suggested that Doug and I play against Julie and Jeanne, and started to say, "Guys against the girls," but amended it to, "Girls against the girls." The girls won.

Doug was his usual hysterical self, particularly with his, "Look at her!" comments, and that pole dance he was doing. Oh yeah, and his beer kept foaming up and spilling over, and he was doing all kinds of exaggerated erotic things to it with his tongue and throat.

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