DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Finch's, Chihuly, hot wings, and dancing...

We got up at about 8:30 or 9:00, and after a little breakfast, went out to jump Robert's car. Though it started right up last night when we jumped it, it wouldn't budge this morning.

Robert called , and asked them to send someone to jump him, but also someone who could tow him if that didn't work, since we'd already tried it. They promised someone within about 45 minutes.

They arrived in the promised time, but the truck said, "Battery Service" on it, and was a van, so not going to tow a Camry if necessary.

It turned out that the battery was dead, dead, dead, and they were able to sell him one with a great warranty, and install it on the spot. All taken care of.

At a little after 10:30, Kevin called inviting us to meet him, Eric, Glenn, and Dave at Finch's at noon for Dave's birthday.

I had the cheddar cheese and sausage omelet, and Robert had the Sam's Cheeseburger Club Sandwich, which was actually made by Peggy, whose name was on an award hanging on the wall for "Best Attitude of 1998."

Our waitress was a ton of fun, and at the end of our meal, she brought out an ice cream cake for Dave, which Eric had actually bought and brought, and we sang Happy Birthday.

Robert and I had been planning to see the Chihuly glass exhibit at the for months, and since tomorrow is the last day, we decided to go from there. The boys all decided to join us, which both surprised and pleased us.

Some of the pieces we saw:

As we walked to our cars, we witnessed a car back up into a purple (the brightest purple ever) car, which was just stopped in the middle of the lot.

I thought about riding all afternoon, but never did. I talked myself into believing that I'd get enough exercise dancing tonight.

I napped from 5 until 7, at which time Robert returned with dinner from -- wings, but they weren't actually on any bones. I guess you'd technically call them "wing nuggets," and one order was Honey Barbecue, with the other being "Blazin' Buffalo." We ate the hot ones with the cole slaw, which cut the heat nicely, and was a delightful combination of tastes.

Dancing was a lot of fun tonight. Gary DJed since Adam, Van, Shawn and Josh were at Frank's place at the lake for the weekend. Gary did a good job, and it got quite crowded in there as the night progressed, as it was bear411.com night there.

We went to Legends from there, and hoped to find Kevin (av8rdude), Eric (innoman), Glenn, and perhaps Dave there, but didn't find any of them. We didn't stay there too long.

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