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Lab results...

The bruises from my fall over the bleachers at the James Taylor concert on Friday are coming in nicely. Pretty colors. The knot on my wrist is almost gone.

I had a good meeting with Michelle today going through her project documents from an ISO perspective. Work that makes me feel helpful, useful, needed. Nothing like it.

The book club met for lunch today, sans Janet, who was dealing with a sick Nik.

A lady at the table next to us was reading a book. Show off!

Throughout the course of lunch, everyone admitted to reading at least one book right now other than the one we're supposed to be reading, which is The Power of Full Engagement.

We can't seem to even muster partial engagement.

I, myself, just started reading We Are All the Same, which captured my interest and imagination from the beginning.

I thought, since it's been two weeks, that I should have had the lab results of my physical e-mailed to me by now. I called Amy's office to check on them.

Everything was normal, or negative, with the exception of my cholesterol. The goal is 200 or less.

The nurse talking to me on the other end of the line said, "It's at 211. Two many LDLs, too few HDLs, indicating a change in diet can help."

"Excuse me, while I close this bag of Cheetos," I said.

She is going to e-mail the full results to me, at which time I'll respond with the results of my recordings below, and ask for some advice on any action we should take.

Since my blood pressure was elevated at my physical a couple of weeks ago, I've measured it several times over the last week, with the following results:

DateTimeSystolicDiastolicHeart Rate

It might be time for an adjustment to my Lisinopril prescription.

I napped from 8-10, and then headed to Legends. At the intersection of Glenwood and Hillsborough, this car came flying through a red light within seconds of hitting a car that was coming the other way (which had the green light and was not visible due to a building on the corner). My heart jumped a bit.

Unfortunately for the guy running the light, that other car was a Raleigh police car. Needless to say, it made an immediate right turn, and after following him for a little bit, nabbed him.

Safely at Legends, I met Joe, Eric (innoman), Dave, and two of his work colleagues, Emily (which is not her correct name, but what I called her all night because I couldn't remember her name, with Joe correcting me each time, and now I still can't remember her real name), and Jacob.

When Joe and I went in to The View at 10:00, there was only one other person in there. After a few minutes, Brigner came in warning us that the show will probably suck, that the piano player is not showing up, and that our group of six would probably be the only people in there. What a salesman.

The Legends side was closed until 11:00, and at about 11:15, we went over there. They had both doorways into the big bar closed, which meant that if you wanted to use the restroom, you had to walk all the way back into The View.

They had little tables-for-two set up with little white tablecloths on them, but no candles. They were trying to make it classy, but alas, it turned out to be klassy... not unlike the renowned advertisements (for both Legends and Flex), which can almost be counted on to contain a typo. Spot it yourself:

There is no more of a showstopper than taking a 10-minute break in the middle of a poorly attended, mid-week, mediocre show, but they did it anyway, and the place pretty much cleared out -- including us.

Joe and I went over to Flex to see if karaoke was still going on. It was about 1:15, and surprisingly, it was still quite festive there. After a few minutes, Eric arrived, too.

After about a half-hour, Joe and I talked about getting something to eat, but it was almost two, and I didn't want to spend another half-hour or hour eating somewhere. Joe's off tomorrow. I'm not.

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