DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

No pony ride today...

I slept in this morning.

Joe checked in on his way back from the beach, and we tentatively planned on riding when he got back to Raleigh depending on how the weather held out.

It didn't, so we planned our evening instead, deciding on Dakota Grill for dinner, and then heading to Flex, early enough to hopefully get a pool table.

Dinner at Dakota Grill was just okay. I think that staff could have been a little friendlier. The food was pretty good, and fairly inexpensive.

There was an interesting mix of folks at Flex tonight. Before it was all said and done, me, Joe, Brian, Dougie, and Jay (making a rare bar appearance) hung out. Andre found his way to us, too.

Joe and I played a game of pool against Jay and Andre -- after Andre won the table for us. I scratched on the 8-ball losing the game for us, even though the other team had 3 balls left.

We played another game with Doug replacing Jay. I can't remember how that game ended.

Rick E. was there, as well as Robert Fox, who stayed the latest I've ever seen him stay. Walter was there as well. We spent time talking with them during Karaoke.

Tula Boxx had on an outrageous outfit tonight.

I left there between 11:30 and midnight, and Brian, Joe, and Doug went to Legends.

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