DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Back on the chrome pony...

Robert set out for work just after 7AM. I got up at 9, and checked in with Joe shortly thereafter.

We both agreed that the weather this morning was not conducive to riding, so bagged that idea.

The weather improved as the day went along, so at about 3:25, I set out for a ride. I did three loops around "Route 4," which is 5 miles long. I felt like I could have done a fourth, but decided not to push it.

"Along Route 4, cyclists can stop at the N.C. State University Abortetum, several neighborhood parks like Kentwood, Method, and Powel Park, or they can venture onto the N.C.S.U. campus or the State Fairgrounds. Special caution is needed at the crossings of Western Boulevard and Blue Ridge Road."

I had a lot of time to think in this hour-and-a-half of riding. Some thoughts:

First Five Miles
  • What in the hell was that noise? (The first time I applied my brakes.)

  • My knee really hurts. (Left knee, old soccer injury.)

  • I am so in a different place, physically, than I was two years ago for the ride. (This really gets me down.)
Second Five Miles
  • Should I do 15 miles today or 20? (I want to be able to walk tomorrow.)

  • What's hurting? (My knee still, my ass a little.)

  • This damn speedometer I bought at REI last year has never worked, which totally sucks. It was 50-something bucks. (Where would be the best place to take it to have someone look at it? Would the REI folks know anything about it? A bike shop? I hate dealing with shit like this.)
Third Five Miles
  • Should this be my last lap, or should I do one more? (I'm not going to overdo it. I have two weeks before the ride. I can work up to the 30 miles. I want to be able to ride again tomorrow.)

  • I can feel a little burning in my thighs now, going up this hill. (Good for me.)

  • I only have so much time here. (And more thoughts about my mortality.)

I met Steve for dinner at . I had cold-boiled shrimp, slaw, and a baked potato. Oh yeah, and hush puppies.

In the parking lot, I told Steve I was heading to where the sign says for some coffee, and to hook up to the Internet on their wi-fi network. He decided to join me there -- after first running home to get his laptop -- to work on his paper, which he wanted me to edit when he was finished. The best laid plans...

On the way to Helios, I stopped at the right there by Captain Stanley's to pick up two apple-filled donuts for dessert with our coffee at Helios.

Steve spent some time trying to connect to the network, and then a good deal of time being distracted by the patrons, ending up with one paragraph for me to edit, which I did, before I left.

I ran home to change and then got to at about 10:30. It was quite crowded there, it being Crape Myrtle Weekend, and it got more so at about 11:30 after the gala ended downtown.

Chris Smith has been named one of the co-chairs for the CMF for this next year.

That wrestling mess was canceled (thank goodness) for this month, but instead a very lame porn store did a minor strip show. Young. Skinny. Hairless. Not a dancer. Bless his heart.

Brian and I went to Legends, a little after midnight I guess. There, we caught up with Kevin (av8rdude), Glenn, and Eric (innoman).

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