DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Balls, and James Taylor...

These are:
  1. John's bowling balls.
  2. John's eye balls.
  3. John's balls.

  4. Answer: These are pictures of John's retinas taken during his 2004 annual eye exam. The eyes have it.

    I had a nice lunch with Amelia today. She told me about her tumultuous week. Sweet kid.

    Robert and I went to Whole Foods, and picked out four or five things to have for our tailgate party tonight. We got small containers of chicken salad, a curried tuna salad, some pasta salad, some Kalamata olives, and a turkey burger each. We also got some pralines and cream butter fingers for dessert. OMG, those were the best.

    I packed about 5 cans of Diet Coke, and my flask of bourbon, and we had a bag of mixed salty snacks as well.

    We met Bryan and Jen, Mary and Charlie, and Robbie and Dean at The Melting Pot, and we drove in three cars to Alltel.

    Bryan, Jen, Robert and I pretty much tailgated out of Bryan and Jen's SUV, and Mary, Charlie, Robbie, and Dean set up camp behind their cars. They were definitely the more experienced 'gaters having a little table area and chairs to sit around it.

    We mingled a little bit, just enough. After a while Anna, Jen's friend, joined us.

    James put on a great show. My favorite songs were Never Die Young, and of course, Carolina in My Mind.

    We were ring-around-the-rosy children
    They were circles around the sun
    Never give up, never slow down
    Never grow old, never ever die young

    Synchronized with the rising moon
    Even with the evening star
    They were true love written in stone
    They were never alone, they were never that far apart

    And we who couldn't bear to believe they might make it
    We got to close our eyes
    Cut up our losses into doable doses
    Ration our tears and sighs

    You could see them on the street on a Saturday night
    Everyone used to run them down
    They're a little too sweet, they're a little too tight
    Not enough tough for this town

    We couldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole
    No, it didn't seem to rattle at all
    They were glued together body and soul
    That much more with their backs up against the wall

    Oh, hold them up, hold them up
    Never do let them fall
    Prey to the dust and the rust and the ruin
    That names us and claims us and shames us all

    I guess it had to happen someday soon
    wasn't nothing to hold them down
    They would rise from among us like a big balloon
    Take to the sky, forsake the ground

    Oh, yes, other hearts were broken
    Yeah, other dreams ran dry
    But our golden ones sail on, sail on
    To another land beneath another sky

    I took a little fall climbing over a row of seats during the intermission. I have a nice-sized knot on the upper side of my wrist, and bruises on my bicep and my chest. Bless my mess.

    When Bryan and Jen dropped us off at The Melting Pot, we gave them their wedding gift, which they were very pleased with. Yippee!

    Dish Wall Mirror

    Back at home Robert and I showered, and then did a good portion of the crossword puzzle in the last Independent.

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