DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

New glasses and curtsying...

I eased back into work today.

Book club met for lunch. We did mention the word "book" a couple of times. Janet told us all about her wedding in Canada.

Suzanne caught us up on Christopher's latest adventures on his Bike Across America Adventure. They started on the

Western Express Trail
and hooked up with the

Transamerica Trail
in Pueblo, Colorado.

They have been traveling just over 40 days now, and what stories have been coming in via e-mail about this ride! Just amazing.

On the way back from lunch, I stopped at Triangle Visions to pick up my new glasses.

While I was being helped, this woman came in and she asked, "Would you just point me to where the frames are that are covered by Medicare, so I can look at them while I'm waiting?"

"They're in a separate case in the back. I'll bring it out."

The woman was a little hefty, and she had four children with her, that I assumed were her children. I think they were all girls.

She tried on one pair of frames, and one of the girls said, "Mommy, those make you look so beautiful." This was repeated on the next pair as well.

The oldest girl, who I would guess was maybe 13 or 14, stood in front of one of the mirrors and watched herself curtsy several times. To complete the act, she smiled each time, either pleased with herself, or because she thought the act included such a nuance.

(It's aggravating that, using Google Images, I couldn't find a picture of an African-American girl curtsying.)

I met Joe, Kevin (av8rdude), and Eric (innoman) at Helios between 9:00 and 9:30.

Joe's new laptop arrived today, and he was there to experience his "virgin" connection to a wireless network, but it was not to be, as by the time he booted up, the router must have gone down. I was connected for a while, but then, just as Joe tried to connect, something evidently went wrong.

I asked about it at the counter, and the youngster there said that the router was "upstairs," and no one was there now to reset it or do anything about it. Bummer.

When Helios closed, all of us but Joe went to Flex for Karaoke. It was pretty dead there tonight, and I left at about 11:30.

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