DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Busy work day, car service, and Kurt's visitation...

I started my work day off early, and had a full, full day. I stopped at B500 on the way in, and unloaded my food bank donation. Thank goodness the collection point was right inside the main entrance door, instead of all the way into the cafeteria where I thought it was going to be. Those cans were heavy.

I did a lot of ISO documentation reviewing today for both Brian M. and Rhonda. I also spent a good chunk of time answering questions that came out of my meeting with Michelle on Tuesday.

I changed my voice mail and e-mail delegation to say that I'm on vacation tomorrow and Monday, and headed to Mark Jacobson Toyota of Durham.

Robert met me there, and I turned over my car to a very customer-friendly worker there. I hope that continues. I told them I'd be back on Monday afternoon to pick it up, and to call my cell phone if there were any questions, as I'd be out of town until Monday afternoon.

I wasn't comfortable that he didn't note, out of the three numbers he had for me, that I wanted him to call my cell phone first.

I got to the Apex Funeral Home at about 6:30, and to my utter surprise, there was no body. I don't mean that there was nobody there, I mean there was no body.

Kurt's "area" was a two-room "salon," where in the first one there stood a big bulletin board type thing with pictures of Kurt's life on it, set off by two huge standing flower arrangements on each side. The picture board is where the coffin would normally go.

The other room just had some knickknack type tables along the wall, and a couch, with a few people sitting on it.

I walked in, and looked at the pictures, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought, at one or two, "Yeah, that's how I remember him. That look right there, yes."

I wondered how much he might have "deteriorated" in the end, and I was glad I was left with these memories.

As I left the building, I thought of his spirit, and said to myself, "Goodbye, my friend."

Robert and I went to Hard Times Cafe for their CCHD (Chili Cheese Hot Dog) special. When we were being seated, we saw Jay and Wes at a booth, and ended up joining them.

Robert dropped me off, and headed back to Durham. He really helped me out today, and I so appreciate that. He's considerate and thoughtful -- two qualities I so love in a man.

I did two loads of laundry and packed. Joe picked me up, and we went to Flex, getting there close to midnight. What were we thinking?

The show was fairly decent as Mary K. Mart was hosting, and Tula was funny as she had set up a "side bar," called something like "La Cantina de Tula," and was just being her crazy self over there.

We got to Joe's at about 2:30. He had laundry to finishing drying, and a little packing left to do.

I lied down on his couch, and fell asleep at about 3:00.

He nodded off a couple of times while waiting for his laundry, but since we had to be up by 4:30 to get to the airport by 5:30, he virtually got no sleep at all.

I repeat. What were we thinking?

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