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I had a productive meeting with Brian M. on the ISM Adapter Development Model, and I met Norma W. for lunch, which was really, really nice. She's such a pleasure.

I attended Michelle's 3-hour "Topic Writing" training, which was most excellent.

I had a quick dinner at Joe & Jo's in Durham. I had their Chicken Ceasar Salad, which was most excellent. I worked on the crossword puzzle in one of the recent issues of The Independent.

I met Robert and Rodney at the Carolina Theater to see the movie Heights. All three of us loved this movie.

"Heights" follows five characters over twenty-four hours on a fall day in New York City. Isabel (Elizabeth Banks), a photographer, is having second thoughts about her upcoming marriage to Jonathan (James Marsden), a lawyer.

On the same day, Isabel's mother, Diana (Glenn Close), learns that her husband has a new lover, and begins to re-think her life choices and her open marriage.

Diana and Isabel's paths cross with Alec (Jesse Bradford), a young actor, and with Peter (John Light), a journalist.

As the interrelated stories proceed, the connections between the lives of the five characters begin to reveal themselves and their stories unravel, so that Isabel, Jonathan, Diana, Alec, and Peter must choose what kind of lives they will lead before the sun comes up on the next day.

This was my introduction to Jesse Bradford. My god; he is so beautiful to me. Funny, when he was on the screen early in the movie, I turned to Robert and said, "He is just adorable," and not 20 seconds later, Glenn Close's character is looking at him, and she says to one of her colleagues, "He's just adorable."

There were several very sexy men in this movie, which did nothing but add to its charm. Here is Jesse (with the stubble) with James Marsden, who is also in the movie.

I met Joe, Kevin (av8rdude), and Eric (innoman) at Flex for the Crape Myrtle Festival fund raiser featuring the "Flex Staff Turnabout Show." Richard was so cute in his outfit, and his performance was great.

George looked great, too. Not flashy, and as dignified as you can be doing drag.

Brigner looked like a housewife in the red dress he was wearing while walking around. During his performance, he had some other outfit on, and looked a little wild-eyed. The whole thing was pretty entertaining.

Saw this picture on Flex's website of two of my favorite people at dancing, Shawn & Josh:

This picture makes me smile.

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