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A clean house, Sheelita Buffet, and Formica Dinette...

I just love Prudie and look forward to her column every week. In fact, I get a little cranky on the rare occasion that I don't get notified of the availability of each week's column. I love the wit in her responses. I particularly like her response to this week's letter from the lady who is always being told that she looks like someone (else), and finds that rude.

I had lunch with Richard Z. and Jon B. today at Briggs at 54/55. I had the three-cheese omelet. Yum. Yum. Yum.

As soon as I opened my door at home, I smelled Pine-Sol. Love that smell. That dear, dear man of mine had cleaned my house before leaving this morning. Things I noticed immediately after that:
  • The sticky on my couch with this message: "Cleaned + dusted today, 7/14, for your lounging and napping pleasure! :-)"

  • The top of my computer desk dust-free and shining.

  • The hair gone from my bathroom scale.

  • This note, on the section of my kitchen counter top where I have a messy potpourri of things, made me laugh out loud: "Clean up this MESS! Love, Your biggest mess" Stuck to it, and slightly above it, was an old yellow sticky on which he'd written "I love you!" but I hadn't ever disposed of.

  • My emptied trash can returned to the back of my house.

Things I didn't notice, which had both been put into my shed:
  • The suitcase gone -- that's been sitting at the top of my stairs for several months, waiting to go to Goodwill.

  • The two empty boxes sitting in the corner of my kitchen.
I hate, hate, hate to dust. This, of course, is not the first time this dear, dear man has surprised me with a clean house, and every time I appreciate it even more than the last time. THANK YOU, MY SWEET!

I met Kevin for coffee at Helios at 9:30. The parking was a bitch there; several people were double-parked in the parking lot, which is hard enough to negotiate when people are not double-parked.

We sat outside in spite of the totally obnoxious, loud music (Did I say music? I meant noise.) coming from next door at Aura's. After a while, Eric joined us.

We left for Flex at about 11:20. Regretfully, "Trixie" was back in town and emceeing the show. I hope she's not moving back here. They noted that she was from Charlotte. I thought she'd moved farther away than that.

One of the drag queens' name was "Sheelita Buffet," which cracks me up. Josh dressed up as Carol Channing, and, of course, screamed "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend." Even though I don't care for her singing, her drag name was "Formica Dinette," which I thought was just hysterical.

I actually stayed until the end of the show, which is a rarity for me.

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