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30 Days...

The book club met today for lunch after three or four weeks of not. It was great to see everyone again. Janet was the only one not present, as she has jetted off to Canada, with Beth, to be married.

Back at the office, in my e-mail, I had confirmation that my letter to the editor is going to be published "some time before Sunday, July 17th."

I did the three-mile walk around the lake at a good clip tonight, during which I heard conversations by five or six different groups of people in at least three different languages -- Spanish, some Middle-Eastern language, and German, I'm guessing. I like that.

Just before the first mile marker, I realized how quiet and peaceful it was out there, and changed the ringer on my cell phone to vibrate to preserve the ambiance. It vibrated as I changed it -- to indicate it changed successfully. It stopped. Then, right away, it vibrated again.

"Private Call" the display read. It was Curt telling me that he was sick, "in case anyone at dancing tonight misses him."

"Dancing's tomorrow night, honey," I replied.

"Oh, am I that far off?" he said, somewhat groggily.

Bless his heart.

In the second mile, I appreciated a magnificent sunset over the lake.

In the third mile, after passing several groups of people with dogs, I had a fleeting thought. "When I get too old to travel, and am living alone, I'm going to get me a dog to curl up with on the couch." Then I thought about how sad it would be if it died before me.

I went to Jay's at about 9:00, and with Wes, David (Del Torro) and his friend Mark (who Robert hooked him up with last Wednesday), we watched an episode of "30 Days" that Jay had taped -- TIVOed, to be exact. Read Morgan's Blog entry about this particular episode. Morgan, the creator of this show, is the guy who made the documentary, "Super Size Me."

This show was very, very good. Though Ryan didn't end up "totally turned around" on his attitude, he did grow a lot during his 30 days in the Castro. I would highly recommend this episode.

I met Joe, Kevin (av8rdude), and Eric (innoman) out at Flex afterwards. Some of the karaoke "regulars" were absent. We hoped for a pool table, but neither one ever became available. Kevin and Eric spent most of the time talking with Jody. Joe and I spent most of the time talking to each other. It was a fun night.

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