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Ladies in Lavender...

I did some cleaning up of my desk today at work -- papers were everywhere. I had a 2:00-3:00 conference call with Brian (in Irvine) et.al., which went well. Right afterwards, I fixed a QMX problem found during that meeting.

After work, I stopped at Whole Foods on Broad Street on the way to Robert's, and picked out some chocolate covered raisins, malted milk balls, and white yogurt covered pretzels to take to the movies.

I picked up Robert at his place, and we headed to 9th Street for dinner. On the way, he took two baggies and in each one put half of the raisins, half of the malt balls, and half of the pretzels -- creating our personal bags to take into the movie later.

At Bakus', one of the two tapas dishes we had was killer -- pistachio-encrusted fried chicken on salad greens. On each bite of chicken, I put one piece of the three various "Spanish cheeses" from the other tapa (is tapa singular for tapas?) before eating it. Yum. Yum. Yum. The bread with the olive oil and paprika in it was delicious, too.

Back in the car we found the trio of chocolates somewhat liquefied -- and morphing and clinging to each other in interesting patterns. We ended up leaving those bags in the car.

We went to the Carolina Theater's 7:10 screening of:

We just loved this movie. Click on the graphic above for details about the movie.

One thing that struck me during the movie was the reference to the radio as "the wireless." Though, I've certainly heard that before, it was interesting to hear it now.

Never when I think of "the set of all wireless devices," do I think of the radio as being "a member of that set." In mathematical terms, where A represents the radio, and B represents the universal set of wireless devices, A∈B, read "A is a member of B."

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