DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Same old, same old... but a welcome day off...

We stopped at the Bruegger's on Avent Ferry Road to pick up a couple of bagels on the way to Chapel Hill, where I took Robert to retrieve his car from his sister's. I got a pumpernickel with light plain cream cheese. Robert got a sesame seed with plain cream cheese.

At Dick and Fran's, we stepped in to say hello, but the atmosphere was chilly, so we left right away. Dick and his lawyer had just finished a meeting, which, we're guessing, left him with not so good news about an issue he is dealing with.

Back home, I unpacked, and worked on my weekend journal entries for most of the afternoon.

I met Kevin (av8rdude), Eric (innoman), David (a.k.a. Jace), and a guy named Brian (Bryan?) at Helios. At times during the conversation, I sensed a little tension between Eric and David, mostly Eric's reaction to David's humor, which was sarcastic at times.

It started to drizzle a little while we were there, and we all moved under the big umbrella that originally was only over about half of our table.

The place closed at 10:00, and we left for Flex at about 10:10.

When I walked in Kevin was up there singing in his signature cigarette-between-his-middle-and-pointer-fingers-and-hand-wrapped-around-and-resting-on-the-microphone position.

Jose sang two or three god-awful songs. Actually, it's not the songs that are god-awful. Tone deaf. But seems to be a nice guy, bless his heart.

This girl got up there and massacred some song, too. Awful.

David knew "Kent's" name, which I was glad to learn. Just another one of those situations where someone says hi to me by my name, and I don't know theirs. Now I do.

I left there at about midnight.

This is what my Arbitron diary consisted of today:

Call Letters
Dial Setting
At Home
In a Car
At Work
Other Place
10:4711:5760 minsWQDR94.7 X X   
11:5712:1013 minsWUNC91.5 X X   
20:4920:5910 minsWUNC91.5 X X   
20:5921:012 minsWRSN93.9 X X   
21:1421:162 minsWQDR94.7 X X   

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