DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Arbitron week...

"You count in the radio ratings!"

No matter how much or how little you listen, you're important! You're one of the few people picked in your area to have the chance to tell radio stations what you listen to. This is your ratings diary. Please make sure you fill it out yourself.

Here's what we mean by "listening": Listening is any time you can hear a radio -- whether you choose the station or not. When you hear a radio between Thursday, June 30, and Wednesday, July 6, write it down -- whether you're at home, in a car, at work or someplace else.

I change the station almost every time a commercial comes on, and sometimes when a song comes on I don't like. Also, in the morning, whenever a DJ starts talking, I change the station. I want to hear music in the morning, not yammering.

I wonder if this is how other people listen to the radio in their car. At home, I tend to just leave it on the same station.

This is what I recorded today:

Call Letters
Dial Setting
At Home
In a Car
At Work
Other Place
9:079:169 minsWQDR94.7 X X   
9:169:171 minWRSN93.9 X X   
9:179:214 minsWUNC91.5 X X   
9:219:254 minsWQDR94.7 X X   
9:259:272 minsWRSN93.9 X X   
17:0017:055 minsWRSN93.9 X X   
17:0517:083 minsWQDR94.7 X X   
17:0817:168 minsWUNC91.5 X X   
18:5518:561 minWQDR94.7 X X   
18:5618:582 minsWRSN93.9 X X   
18:5818:58< 1 minWQDR94.7 X X   
18:5819:046 minsWUNC91.5 X X   
19:0419:04< 1 minWQDR94.7 X X   
19:0419:073 minsWRSN93.9 X X   
19:0719:1912 minsWQDR94.7 X X   
19:1919:234 minsWUNC91.5 X X   

I went to Robert's after work to wrap Bryan and Jen's gift. We ended up not having enough paper to wrap it. Robert offered me some bourbon and diet, which I respectfully accepted. I showed him the stamps I'd had made, and we ended up using the wrapping paper to wrap those.

We went to Elmo's Diner for dinner, and I had fries, which came with the "Greek Grilled Cheese" sandwich:

GREEK GRILLED CHEESE: a warm pita with melted American and Feta cheeses, stuffed with tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, shredded lettuce, and served with a side of sour cream herb dressing .. . $5.80

Eric (innoman) came over and installed a wireless router in my house for me. Yippee! Porn in bed.

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