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New shoes...

My alarm woke me up at 9AM. I enjoyed the complimentary breakfast in the hotel lobby. I had a bagel, two mini-sausage biscuits (about the size of half-dollars, those kind in a plastic package that you zap in the microwave), and some coffee.

I checked out at about 10:30, and drove back to Raleigh.

I rode to the Goodwill on Hargett Street, looking for an ironing board for Tula Boxx. They only had the kind that hang from a door. I drove to the Goodwill on Baileywick, and they had one there for a whopping $2.99. Nothing but the best for Tula. And, my favorite touch, is the nice little hole in its cover. Now I need to get some ribbon and a big red bow, which will probably cost more than the ironing board.

I went to SRI Shoe Warehouse and bought two new pairs of tennis shoes. The Rebock pair is the exact same pair I currently have, and the exact same pair as I had before these. I'm like my Camry's with my shoes... I know what I like, and my taste doesn't change.

My old pair of white tennis shoes were Nike's, but they didn't have any Nike's, and I liked the look of these Adidas.

Rebock Classic Leather

Adidas Halfshells Lo

As I approached home, Joe checked in to make plans for this evening. While I was talking to him Carl Holm's number showed up as a call waiting. Joe and I planned to meet at Helios at 10, drive our cars to CC's at about 10:30, and walk over to Flex, just to start out the evening. We planned to leave there when their silly wrestling matches started. I invited Carl to join us at any point along the way, though he didn't commit to any one point. About a half-hour later, he called back to confirm.

The parking situation at Helios was atrocious. I ended up parking illegally -- that is, in some place that was for "residents only," though I wasn't sure of what. I knew we weren't going to be there long, and three other cars took spots there right at about the same time. We just had one cup of coffee each, and then headed over to Flex, hoping that that ridiculous wrestling stuff wasn't going to start until later.

We were wrong. It had already started, and was on "round 2," I think. We stayed there just a little while. Carl spoke some with Roy, and we ran into Phil, one of the twins, who said that his cohorts were over at CCs.

I spent a little while speaking with "Chad from Phoenix," who was still here. The group he was with somehow got onto the topic of "hot doctors," and Chad Everett's name came up. We were trying to remember what show he was on, and I finally came up with "Medical Center," but they didn't seem convinced.

Me, Joe, Carl, and Phil walked over to CCs, and I got a hot dog before going in, as I had only had a small salad for dinner. Inside, we talked to Craig (the other twin) and their friend Jay, whose partner had come into town to meet them. I believe his name was Paul. They told us that "Miss Fayetteville" had won the Miss North Carolina pageant. "She's short," they both said a couple of times, which seemed to be significant to them.

We (me, Joe, and Phil) left there before the lights came on, and went to IHOP for some breakfast. I ordered, as usual, Pigs in a Blanket, and ate half of them. I got home at about 4:00, I guess. Late.

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