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Mail to afar...

Today, an IBM colleague in the UK sent me this email:

All, can we all please assist my old school chum and send a postcard or whatever to the name and address below.
Michael Edwards

Our Adam has been set some homework that I think you can help with. (I think they are doing communication). They have been asked to ask someone they know to send a letter, postcard, fax message or e.mail to them. The person doesn't have to live in St Helens, - the further away the better. So, if you have any mates abroad then they too could help out and write to your olde school mate's son.

The info. needs to go to: <name and address included>


I mailed the third-grader a postcard I just happen to have that says, "Raleigh, NC" on it, and wrote:

22 June 2005

Dear Adam,

Greetings from North Carolina in the United States! I hope you are learning a lot in school. I work for IBM, and I am learning a lot on my job. Good luck in your studies.

Your penpal,

I ordered a new wireless laptop today. You can click on this image to see its specifications:

I had a short meeting with Dana today to talk about electronic project management notebook recommendations.

I attended a Legal Education seminar this afternoon. The presenter was great. I sent her an e-mail that said:

Subject: Thanks for your presentation to Tivoli yesterday


You are a joy. Thank you for your energy!

John Martin

On the way home, I stopped by the post office to mail the above postcard to Adam.

I took a nap from 6:00 to 7:30.

I cooked Robert a CPK BBQ Chicken pizza for dinner:

I had a NutriSystem Lasagna entree, and we both had a salad.

Dancing was fun tonight. It got quite crowded after a while, and there were some new faces, which is always nice. Carl taught the dance we do to "Pink." (I don't even know if Pink is the name of the group or the song.)

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