DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Checkup, and being checked out... by a cat.

I worked from home today, and had quite the productive day. I wrote up my May monthly highlight report, reviewed three documents, and participated in a QMX support conference call.

I stopped at 4, and headed to RTP for my doctor's appointment with Amy Hird. I like her. We talked about my Nexium prescription, and I asked her what she thought about me going off it, and trying OTC Prilosec for a couple of months to see how it works. "Fine with me," she said. She prescribed me some 800MG Ibuprofen for my back. Praise the Lord.

I scheduled a physical for July 19th, and at that time she will set me up with a colonoscopy. "I know some people in Raleigh who are doing some real good work in that area; actually, I know two groups that are," she said. "Good," I was thinking. "Nothing but the best for my butt."

I stopped by Sam's Club on the way home, and bought the 42-tablet size package of Prilosec. Later I ran to K-Mart to fill the Ibuprofen prescription, and took the first one as soon as I got home. One pill, three times a day. Does that mean you have to spit it up the first two times?

While waiting for my prescription, I checked in with Robert via cell. He was having dinner with Rodney.

When I opened my door to come in the house, this cutest little white cat followed me in. S/he looked all around, rubbing against various pieces of furniture. I was watching to make sure it didn't "mark its spots." I wonder if this is the cat I often hear meowing out on my deck. I held the door open letting her/him know it was time to go -- to no avail. S/he went into my bathroom. I closed the door, scooped her up, and put her out the door, where she evidently stayed a few minutes -- meowing. Tugging at my heart.

I took a nap from 7:30 - 9:30, and met Kevin (av8rdude) and Joe at Flex for some karaoke fun. There were a lot more country songs sung tonight, Brooks & Dunn's Neon Moon, one of my all-time favorites, was being sung when I walked in. Kevin, Joe, and I played a few games of cut-throat pool, which was a lot of fun.

Young Josh was out -- we haven't seen him in a while, and we coerced him into singing his signature song, Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World. Toward the end of the night, we met "the twins" -- Craig and Phillip. They're from Charlotte, and are here with the Miss North Carolina Pageant -- presumably working on it, not in it.

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