DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Casey in town for dancing...

I did peer edits on the Remedy, Informix, and Oracle ERP guides today. We're coming down the home stretch on these guides now. Yippee.

Casey arrived at my house just after 7, and we headed to the Barnes & Noble at Crabtree, where he bought three books. It was a point and click operation, which is my kind of shopping -- by that I mean he had a list from which to choose his three books, and got right to it. Neither one of us are "browsers" or "shoppers."

We had dinner at The Rockford. A fairly light, fairly quick, delicious meal was had by all (two of us).

We got to Flex just after 9:00, and danced the night away. Well, I did. Casey had to wait for two-step dances between the line dances, when all the line dancers weren't exhausted from the line dances. We danced late, 'til after midnight. Fun night.

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