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It's a wrap...

I left work at 7:40 today in a rush to make it to Sam's to pick up my pictures from P-town. I also bought 3 mini-albums to put the copies for Steve, Joe, and Will in. I spent about 2.5 hours organizing the pictures. They look great! I need to stop by Sam's tomorrow after work and pick up three more mini-albums, and put the remaining pictures in them before getting over to Will's by 7:00 to celebrate his birthday.

I wrapped Will's gift. I hate to wrap.

Don from Toronto called. We had a great conversation, as we always do. He's a very interesting person. I love our chats. We are going to meet in person some time in the next few months. I have no intention of getting into any kind of relationship with him, and he knows that. We do have some kind of "connection" though.

I hate my cell phone.

I did a little work for TCW -- organizing the responses, and who should be sent invitations to our next Open House, which is next week. Our board meeting is Thursday.

Courtney called. She's going to be ballsy and fly to DC, tomorrow, on September 11th. We laughed as she saw a warning that said security will be heightened in DC tomorrow, to avoid banks, and the water treatment utilities will be dangerous places. While in DC she's going to the bank to pick up the title to her car, which she just sold last Saturday. She said, "Perhaps I should schedule a trip to a water treatment plant while I'm there, too." This will be funny on Thursday evening when she returns to Raleigh. I have to pick her up at 7AM.

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