DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A long, cold wait...

We left Robert's at about 9:30. The roads were fairly clear. I got to work at about 9:50, and the place was pretty deserted. I worked until about 10:45, when this announcement came on: "Senior site management has decided to cancel first shift for today." I locked up and left.

A lot of traffic lights were out on the way home, and as I got near my house, I could see that the power was out in my neighborhood as well. I decided that I'd better get something to eat before I went home, as there'd be nothing there to eat.

I drove in and out of all the shopping centers around my house, and everything was closed due to loss of power. I ended up south of downtown, at Tryon Road, at the Burger King. The line was twisted like a Disney World ride line, and I waited about 30 minutes to place my order. I ate in.

I got back to my house at around 2:00, and wrapped myself in my "sweatshirt" blanket, and my serape. I was a little afraid to go to sleep as there was no alarm clock to be set, and I didn't want to oversleep for my flight.

Courtney arrived at about 3:30, with Jeff's bug, and took me to the airport. After going through security, I saw the British lady that I was looking for last night. We both laughed and said we were each looking for the other down at baggage claim last night.

Turns out she was traveling with a group of 48 folks, and they had a hell of a time all getting a hotel that late at night. On top of all the stranded RDU passengers, tons of folks from Raleigh were trying to get rooms because their power was out. Their group was here to cheer on part of it (and her son was one of them), which participated in the finals of some tournament in Myrtle Beach.

We pretty much boarded on time, but ended up having to be "de-iced" (I don't know why, as it wasn't raining, and hadn't rained.) We ended up leaving 1.5 hours late.

After about 1.5 hours out, we were served dinner. I didn't watch any movies, as not one of the choice of about six interested me. And I had seen almost all of the other little television choices (Everybody Loves Raymond, Spin City, and 60 Minutes) sitting on the plane for four hours the night before. I got some restless sleep.

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