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Coming face-to-face with myself...

I picked up Eric for lunch, and we went to Brigs at RTP to check out the place for its suitability for future EAGLE luncheons. We each had the Triple Cheese Omelet with toast, and some fruit. Eric gave me his cantaloupe. Minutiae, I know.

On the way into the restaurant, I noticed an entryway to a back room that I wanted to check out to see if it would be the best place in the restaurant in which to have our luncheon. After we placed our orders, I did just that.

On the way to it, I passed the owner of the place, whom we had met at Flex a week or so ago, and I nodded to him. I came to the entryway from the side, and when I peered in, I was shocked to see me looking back at me. It wasn't an entryway at all -- just a big, old mirror.

Thank goodness I didn't stick my head in the doorway, or I would have had a nice big knot on my forehead. As I walked back, I thought, "My god, that must have looked like I raced back there to look at myself in the mirror." Funny.

Once back to the table, the owner came over to our table and said, "I thought I recognized you," and he was pointing his hand at me like he was trying to recall my name.

"It's John," I said.

And then he looked at Eric. "Eric," I said.

He didn't bother reminding us of his name; guess he thought we should have remembered that.

During the course of our -- little too long for my taste -- conversation, he again mentioned that he owned the place. I had forgotten this, and in a way was glad he said it, because he had on a hair net, which made me think he was a cook there, and I was thinking, "You are standing here all this time when you could be back there cooking our omelets." It's always all about the food, isn't it?

I have been reflecting on a conversation Steve and I had on the plane on the way back from Chicago with regards to a book he was reading. It was talking about the rate of change in the world, and how resistant (or not) people are to change. It talked about "older people" being resistant to "new things," and though I like to think of myself as embracing change, and not being like that, I'm really examining my actions versus my words.

He cited an example of something that I said over the course of the weekend about my new Tungsten E (Palm Pilot) with regards to its ability to store photos. "I don't use that function," I said. "I'm not interested in storing photos on my Palm Pilot."

He said, "See, it's just that you've never done that. You're just not interested in doing it, because you've never done it before, and aren't receptive to change." Interesting.

Today, I downloaded six pictures to my Palm Pilot, just to see how it feels -- try it on, if you will. Here they are:

My Dear Robert
(Could that smile just move mountains???)

My Sister Vivian

My Family (l-r: Me, Vivian, Michael, Mom, Dad)

Mom, Dad, Vivian

My Niece Meagan

My Nephew Michael



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