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Dropping doldrums...

I attended the Introductory Meeting of my first distance ed course in the program -- NR 535 Computer Cartography -- which is an elective outside of the MS in Technical Communication.

It was obvious, after the introductions at the beginning of the session, that I'd be dropping this course like a hot potato.

First of all, there is a prerequisite for the class, which I don't meet. Second of all, it's about mapping geographical information only, which I will have very little use of in my degree program or in real life. And third of all, there are 3 projects to due in the short period of time that summer sessions are, and they are all to be done using software that I don't even know how to use. (That was the prerequisite.)

Ridiculous. I'm kind of annoyed that my advisor let me sign up for this course.

On top of that, when I got home and went to drop the course, I got this great news: since it's the only course I'm taking this (summer) semester, I can't use the online DROP feature. I have to GO DOWN TO THE UNIVERSITY, and I have to WITHDRAW FROM SCHOOL for the semester by FILLING OUT SOME FORMS. How redamndiculous is that? Waste my time!

The good news was, though, that that introductory session was scheduled from 5:30 - 7:30, it was done in a half hour, and I got a 1.5-hour nap in. When I got downstairs, I found a note on the desk by the door that Robert had been by, found me sleeping, and would be meeting me at Flex. Yippee!

I started off sluggish -- I'm so not a good napper, and was still waking up. A fair number of dancers showed eventually. For the lesson, we reviewed the Funky Cowboy dance. What a fun dance it is. Good to know a new one.



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